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Ascot Hotel is one of Copenhagen's classic hotels in the heart of Copenhagen, close to Tivoli, City Hall Square. It is located in the former Københavns Badeanstalt (Copenhagen Public Bath House), built in 1901-03 and designed by Gotfred Tvede and Valdemar Schmidt. Hotel Ascot opened in the building in the early 1970s.

Providing a comfortable overnight stay and hotel stay in Copenhagen is our first priority as well as servicing our guests with everything that makes a difference. We offer 144 rooms of which several are suites, all with TV, cordless network, modern bathrooms, etc.

In addition, Ascot Hotel offers professional facilities for courses and conferences in Copenhagen with space for 4 to 90 persons. In unique and historical surroundings, Ascot Hotel offers personality and charm, combined with all modern facilities.

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