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If you spot a beautiful lamp in your hotel room, enjoy the bed that you slept in, find the candle holders on the breakfast restaurant tables too cute, then reach for Reevela to start scanning and find out more.

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Find and Scan Reevela flyer at a reception *

You can find our partner hotels through our search engine. Currently, we are available at several boutique hotels in Aarhus, Denmark. Expanding soon. *If a flyer isn't displayed on reception, you can access Reevela by hotel's digital portal.

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We make the discovery process simple by dividing our hotels into a number of commonly found spaces. Choose a space and see a list of the furniture or accessories that can be found.  If you find anything you like, click on the product and reveal its details.

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Now it's the time to buy the things you love*

We help you to give you all the details you need to know about the products you found and experienced in the real life. If you like them, you can buy them. It takes only 5 minutes to make the order. Simple, isn't it? *You buy the exact products you see in the hotel space.

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You have the full freedom in buying furniture and accessories that you personally adore.

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Our furniture buying experience is the fastest one in the world. Convenience at its best.

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We're on a mission to help people enrich their lives with only products they love. Are you going to join our shopping revolution?

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With Reevela, you are buying the exact product you see in our hotels. Nothing else.

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If you are not sure about buying, you can later visit and see the product again.

We've got the answers for your questions

Do I need to download a mobile app to use Reevela?

The brilliance of Reevela is that it is entirely web-based and mobile responsive. So there is no need to spend time downloading an app, creating a profile or logging in.
To use Reevela either scan a Reevela QR code at the partner's hotel reception or find us in hotel's Digital Guest platform. You can also access the majority of Reevela’s unique search functionality from the comfort of your home via your desktop PC, laptop or tablet.

Is Reevela free to use?

You don't have to pay a penny to use Reevela. Everything is and always will be for free. Now, nothing is stopping you from exploring the world of unique design.

Is Reevela accurate?

Yes, we are proud to show you products with 100% accuracy as we manage all the entries and map all the hotels manually. Furthermore the product information on Reevela is directly sourced and created in partnership with the design brand or designer. As we give them the control over the content we are sure that our information is always accurate. 

Reevela changes the way how we shop.

Everything we are creating is and always will be free to  curious buyers like you.

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