Founded in Burgundy in 1908 by Xavier Pauchard, who was nicknamed ""Mr. X"", as a manufacturer of galvanized sheet metal household items, the company was acclaimed for its collection of utilitarian furniture for collective and professional use. A year ago in 1907, Pauchard discovered that he could protect sheet metal from rusting by dipping it in molten zinc, or galvanising it. Ten years later, he set up a factory making steel household items and eventually registered his trademark symbol as Tolix, by which name the company is still known.

TOLIX® products are entirely MADE IN FRANCE and have remained true to the company’s Burgundian values and origins. All TOLIX® products are designed, formed, stamped, welded and hand-assembled at the factory in Autun. The steel furniture becomes authentic as it passes through the hands of the craftsmen. Both fashionable and popular, TOLIX® achieves an alchemy between beauty and utility, colour and sheet metal, interiors and exteriors, solidity and lightness, practical meaning and a purity of line, tradition and the avant-garde.

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