Since 1768, REVOL porcelain is a family owned-business that has developed a very unique expertise in manufacturing culinary porcelain in Saint-Uze, France. We invite you to discover some of the secrets of this exceptional longevity. For a period of time, we believed REVOL was created in 1789. But in fact, history has proved otherwise. Since 1768, 9 generations of the same family have run the company.

In 1980, the 8th generation, Bertrand Passot, took the leadership of the company. He promoted and enhanced the know-how of the company and decided to improve the quality of REVOL’s clay by refining the firing process. From that point, the company changed to exclusively manufacturing porcelain and became Revol Porcelain.

REVOL has evolved from being an oven to table brand to a design oriented company now offering new dinnerware lines that would combine the quality of a professional use with the look of a cozy home-dining feeling.

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