It all started in 1926 in Malmö, where Efraim Ljung launched his first production of spring mattresses in Sweden. Four Ljung generations later, DUX has become a global brand with the opening of 88 stores worldwide. The finest craftsmanship, simple design and high-quality materials have been appreciated on American soil since 1977. By the late 1990s, DUX's good reputation had spread throughout Europe and won the hearts of the British. Despite the significant growth, we are still a family business, proud of our roots and tradition.

DUX is more than just a bed. It is a path to well-being. The structure of our products develops over the years. We are continuously refining, improving and innovating our signature technology based on high tensile strength springs. Our beds are constructed with a hardwood frame that can be used with many different legs. Some of our beds have adjustable lumbar support to meet your specific needs. We strive
to give you the best experience, rest and relief.

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