Our mission is to enhance people's buying experience with an ability to feel, touch and use products before they decide to buy them.

Sometimes we should

step back a bit.

The world is changing. Our shopping behaviours have been rapidly shifting into the digital shopping culture in the past 5 years. We though haven't realised the consequences connected to this shift.

The success of our For Convenience digital future  For Creativity relies on our ability to incorporate  For Environment physical experience.

How it all started


Launched in Aarhus, Denmark in September 2021, Reevela co-founders Lee Chamberlain and Martin Majercin recognised that when they visited restaurants or stayed in hotels they had time to engage with furniture and interior accessories in a far more immersive way than they could online or in a design showroom.

Mindset shift

The fact they could touch, feel or even try gave them more desire to buy or learn about the product, but often they didn’t know who was the designer or who at their point of discovery they could ask for more information. As a result they often took a picture, or made a note only for it to be lost or forgotten.

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touch  feel  experience
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touch  feel  experience


Both Lee and Martin saw this as a lost opportunity to promote local designers, to boost local economies, to give people the chance to take home their memories and aspiration created during the hotel stay.

Reevela was born

This is when the idea for Reevela was born, the idea that any product could be revealed or even bought if the emotional attachment is big enough.

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Reevela changes the way how we shop.

Everything we are creating is and always will be free to  curious buyers like you.

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